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It has been really hard to keep "my big project" secret for several months without telling anything.
I wanted to share with you what I was doing, show you what I was buying, where I was going and talk about it here on the blog. But I had to stay silent until everything was ready...
Today, it's finally time for me to reveal what I've been up to since march, and I am super excited!

It is with a great pleasure that I can now proudly announce the creation of my own company, YMAGO

The YMAGO office is located in Pully, near Lausanne, in Switzerland, and that's where I am gonna work as an image consultant.

So here it is: I created my own business and perfect office to be able to live from my passion and be hopefully a full time image coach and image consultant.

YMAGO is my baby and I put all my heart and soul into it. I worked really hard to create a company that would reflect the values I want to bring to my client: self-esteem, confidence and well-being.
In such a complicated and competitive world, I believe that it is important to feel good, to love ourself, to be confident. That's a key point to live a happy life, to blossom, to improve both our professional and personal life, to fulfill ourselves.

Our physical appearance highly impact our life, more than we usually want to admit, and it is a major key to reach happiness and fulfillment.

My work is to help people to improve their look, from makeup to clothes, in order to make them feel better about themselves, or reassure them about their image. It can involve only tiny changes, or big modifications. It depends on everyone's taste, personality, emotions and wishes. That's the whole point of being an image consultant.

Through YMAGO, not only will I be able to meet and work with my clients, but I also wish to organise events, meetings and parties.

From today, I am glad to take you to this new journey with me!

YMAGO has a wonderful WEBSITE, as well as FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM accounts.

Please help me spreading well-being all around by supporting my company. You can easily do it just by visiting my website, talking about YMAGO to your relatives, and by sharing, liking and subscribing to the different YMAGO social medias.

I am so excited for you to discover all of this, and I cannot wait to share more with you.
To stay updated and discover more about YMAGO, subscribe to Facebook and instagram!

Many thanks for your support.

Lots of love <3

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